Office Waste Solutions

Are you looking for a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for dealing with your office waste?

Organise Recycling Service for your Office in London Organising rubbish and recycling services for your workspace is an essential task.

With so much waste being created on a daily business, it needs to be dealt with in an efficient manner.

Unfortunately some materials will end up in landfill sites but the vast majority of materials can now be recycled. This is much better for the environment.

Paper Recycling

Despite being in the digital age, offices in particular generate a huge volume of paper waste. Paper is incredibly easy to recycle and organising a collection service should be top of your list.

Call 0800 138 9100 to get a quote for recycling services across London.

Serviced offices may already have rubbish and recycling collection included. Be sure to check your contract for details.

Liaise with your office cleaners about the rubbish and recycling services so that they know when and where to place the bins for collection.

Moving Offices

For bigger jobs, for example if you are moving office space and need your office cleared, hire a professional waste removal company. They will make sure to recycle as much material as possible with minimal waste ending up in landfill.

We recommend Diamond Waste Services for environmentally conscious waste removal in London. Click here for more information on their office clearing services.

If you have unwanted office furniture, this can be taken away by the removal service. It can be reused or repaired and repurposed. This will keep it out of landfill and avoid unnecessary waste.

Smaller office items can be donated to a charity or business startup to be reused.

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